What is the BioBox®?

The BioBox® is a compact, natural and odourless treatment plant station, that respects the international regulations of wastewater discharges.

Completely autonomous thanks to its automated programmable system, the BioBox® needs little assistance and maintenance.

Available for purchase or to hire, it is perfectly compatible with populated and isolated areas.

At the same time, it is the perfect solution for camp bases [Leon More1] and areas subject to seasonal variations.

The BioBox® is a robust yet mobile tool, presented as a container (Format UN) which facilitates its use and transport, guaranteeing low costs.

The BioBox® is a 100% Plug and Play station

It functions in a completely autonomous manner, meaning that once a week control visit and a monthly check are enough to ensure the BioBox® is operating at its best

Each BioBox® is presented in the form of a 20 or 40-foot container, offering the advantage of a simple and economical transport.

The installation of the unit does not require complex civil engineering, only the presence of a platform.

Simply put it in the desired location, connect the pipes, plug it into the mains electricity and your wastewater treatment station will be ready and operational.

Thanks to the BioBox®, you do not need technical equipment, the self-operating program installed in each unit controls your purification station and responds to the variations in wastewater supply automatically.


To obtain an adaptable treatment for each situation, the capacity of the installation can be increased by connecting one or several BioBox® in parallel.


It can be used as a main treatment solution or as a complement to an existing installation. The BioBox® can be coupled to a Primbox (primary degreasing treatment) or a FinBox (tertiary end treatment).


We adapt the BioBox® to your needs: remote management (email or SMS alerts), landscape adaptation (graphic customization or wood paneling), integrated optional equipment (automatic sampler, physicochemical dephosphatation, chlorination, etc.)

The Biobox® in figures

The BioBox® adapts to your needs:

  • Automatic power (photovoltaic panels + batteries)
  • Remote management (remote control)
  • Automatic sending of reports and alerts by email or sms
  • Probes of complementary measures
  • Other needs

Who is the BioBox® aimed at ?

  • To isolated rural communities and urban neighbourhoods
  • Small or medium size industries
  • To life bases
  • To building works, campuses, festivals, offshore stations …
  • To hotels, ski resorts or spas, beaches, campsites …
  • To any needs in sewage treatment presenting restrictions on space, mobility or seasonal fluctuation of effluents

Why to choose the Biobox®?

The BioBox® is an innovation made by the Flau studies office (Mons en Baroeul, France) with 35 years of experience in wastewater and industrial water treatment. FLAU has a qualified team that integrates conception, manufacturing and support (transportation, commissioning, after-sales service). We guarantee key water treatment solutions worldwide.

A natural biological treatment

The BioBox® is a sequential aerobic biological reactor or SBR (Sequential Batch Reactor). This system is completely natural and without additives.

It allows a wastewater treatment with a high-quality result, with all the advantages of autonomy and low costs of running. With the help of the complementary FinBox module, you can generate treated water of sufficient quality to be reused.

Some worldwide references

Location : Tangier (Morocco)

Client : National Defense of Morocco

Nature of the effluent : domestic wastewater

Location : Blaringhem (FRANCE)

Client : SUEZ (Eaux du Nord)

Nature of the effluent : industrial wastewater

Location : Da Nang (VIETNAM)

Client : Da Nang Municipality

Nature de l’effluent : domestic wastewater

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